Performance and Projects

 ‘…drummers crowd the stage, pounding out polyrhythmic beats under the exhorting direction of longtime Shechter collaborator Yaron Engler…. The moment when the drummers fill the front of the stage and play off Engler’s inchoate ranting is perhaps the most powerful of the entire performance, as the myriad drummers pound, tap and caress their drums, or shout in one voice in response to his unhinged directions.’

Joseph Burnet, The Quietus


‘Yaron gets things going. Fast. No faffing about. Rhythms on sheets, beats and tunes are riffed and shared and learned, in turbo time. The energy is off the scale, immediately. The music director – Yaron – is literally bouncing off walls, chairs, people and drums. He shoutsings, don’t know what else to call it. It’s electric. It’s very Israeli: utterly precise and pinpointed, and, at the same time, loosely, inspirationally, creatively wild. Beautifully unhinged..’

Michael Zur-Szpiro, Venture Three – 


‘Allow me to congratulate you officially for a god inspired performance last night. You were connected, simple, exciting, charismatic and free- it was a pleasure to see and feel how you lit the room’

Hofesh Shechter – choreographer and musician –


‘Thanks to Yaron for all his spirited work with the drummers who last night took the whole thing to new heights of anarchic and explosive joy’

Antony Gormley, Artist –


‘You are special! I don’t know what it is, but the way you move on those drums, your presence and the sound you create, the vibrations; you ARE the Music! You really shine when you play. You actually touched my life being the music tonight! Vic had the same experience. She was keeping talking about how amazing she felt experiencing you playing…You’re a great musician and a passionate bastard, which reminds me how brave and sacred is to preserve the kid inside. Sometimes you look like a baby when you turn on onto something you love and this friend is a great thing! There’s no bullshit or attitude or anything that stops you to enjoy and believe 100% in what you picked to do in any particular moment, and then drive everybody else’

Vinz, artist, multiperforming musician, composer, producer



‘Yaron spoke from the heart with passion, and experience. He seemed to inspire many of the DANZ and NZSD participants, plus various composers present. I for one was most impressed with his generosity of sharing, and also his suggestions for the realm of possibilities with collaboration (music and dance). All in all everyone was very happy.’

Stephany Tims – Education and Community Coordinator of New Zealand International Arts Festival


Yaron Engler is brimming with energy, creativity and passion. He provided the spark for our event in Melbourne and created a connection with the audience in a fast and genuine way. Yaron is refreshingly authentic in his delivery and provided our audience with some tangible ideas and actions that made a real difference for the audience on how to achieve their goals.

Yaron was a pleasure to work with as our keynote speaker and we were fortunate to have access to his ideas on making the event a resounding success. Not only did he deliver an energetic, fun and impactful presentation; he brought passion and excitement to the entire experience and showed real care and commitment to the people who attended. What Yaron brought to our event exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to have him part of our team again. Thank you Yaron for taking our event and making it extraordinary!

Leah Hynes & Naz Murphy, RYPL, Australia


‘You are telling the truth that for some reason nobody says.’

Gedy Ronen, Musician, Israelגדי-רונן


Your TED talk was inspiring and very applicable in my life right know. Not exactly related to a musical instrument, but rather crossing self imposed boundaries before our goals. Thank you!

Matias Saragusti – from TEDxJaffa audience


‘I loved your talk – very thought provoking!’

Arthur Fuhrer, Photographer

 Coaching & Teaching  

Being coached by Yaron taught me the huge difference between dealing with action and emotion in terms of going ahead with your goals. I learnt to organize my time and my goals despite if whatever emotion (good or bad) was about to come. This means that I feel rewarded of being able to keep on building my own projects, “braving” all kind of emotional waves that in another moment could have made me get lost by following them. I achieved to find a resource to set a gap between these two worlds action and emotion in order to have my time to deal with both in different and dedicated times. His concrete working system leads you to be more effective, organized, focussed and makes you more responsible of how you want to spend your time in life. I think this is specially useful for people who wants to learn how to establish priorities, how to be responsible for starting and finishing any kind of work, how to keep your own commitment until the end or how to be even break this commitment in a responsible way, in case your goals happen to change.  It’s all about how you develop what you decide by organizing your goals.

Anna Llombart, tap artist, Barcelona / London


‘Yaron connects with people through his warm, humorous, human and generous qualities, and by doing so encourages students to be and play from the heart. I’ve seen Yaron time after time creating a comfortable atmosphere that allows people to fulfill their abilities, without pressure, but with wise and joyful concentration.

His enormous experience as a professional performer and as a teacher, gives him endless tools to lead a student so cleverly into progress. His attention to the body and the breathing, and to finding an effortless place to play from, are things that helped me personally to play with simplicity and flow. In fact I was suddenly able to fulfill my technical ability to a greater extent – without pushing, but through breathing and trusting the body.

Yaron encourages everything that is flowing, that is natural that is fun, without forgetting the importance of technique, and most importantly without forgetting the essence of music- playing from the inside out. He is all about that, and that’s a very special thing.

He is a unique and rare teacher that has deep understanding of all technical, emotional, psychological and artistic sides of drumming.

Can’t recommend him warmly enough. If you want to learn drums and progress immensely- Yaron is your last stop’

Hofesh Shechter – choreographer and musician


‘I found Yaron to be an uncannily perceptive and insightful coach.  During our sessions, he displayed an innate ability to instantly grasp the complexities and nuances of the issues I was facing in my life and career.  He was brilliant at suggesting practical solutions and helpful strategies, tailored to my individual situation.  Yaron is sensitive, committed, and has a genuine desire to help.  He is a truly inspirational and life-changing coach.’



“Yaron’s incredible enthusiasm, positive attitude and faith in my playing has changed what was once a hobby of mine into the biggest passion in my life. I have recently completed my BA in jazz studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston and am currently residing in New York City were I work as a professional drummer. I can honestly say that the long musical path that I’ve made to this point has begun with Yaron’s mentoring and encouragement. Thank you Yaron! “

Dani Danor – freelance Drummer NYC


‘I had Yaron as my teacher for two years and that was a real luxury. His method of teaching made me learn as if I was playing a game.His teaching, his pedagogy and his way of seeing and understanding rhythms and drums captures you completely. He expresses his ideas brilliantly and conveys his passion very simply and clearly, which makes you understand it in the same way.’

Nuria Cela, All-round performer – musician, dancer and a clown, Barcelona, Spain


‘Yaron is an inspirational teacher who encourages and challenges his students, regardless of their musical background. He has created an immense library of grooves to suit all ages and standards of musicianship including highly trained professionals.I was fortunate enough to take part in a number of lessons with a group of fellow musicians. We were at times challenged but always enjoyed ourselves. Yaron managed to create a real sense of ensemble between us.
As a professional freelance musician I regularly sight read tricky rhythms. Yaron has helped me to realize difficult rhythms in a musical way. He emphasizes the necessity to always feel the beat regardless of how complicated the rhythm or time signature is.
I liken his teaching to the very advanced system of Kodaly. It should be taught in all music colleges.’

Andrew Maddick, Professional violinist, Berlin



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