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Political Mother Cho Cut in Paris

Posted: December 18, 2014 in HSC, PERFORMANCES, TOUR

Time to go crazy!!! Last 3 performances of Political Mother Choreographer’s Cut in Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris.

Beating the GONG!!!



Posted: April 4, 2014 in HSC, PERFORMANCES, TOUR
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After many years of touring In Your Rooms with the  Hofesh gang it is very interesting to perform the piece with NDT, one of the best dance companies in the world.




After They Left BAND HQ

I am very happy to finally share this project with the world.

After They Left is coming from the most simple, creative, honest and passionate place that I can find as an artist.

If you have free 50 minutes I recommend you to check the album out, with headphones and a glass of wine.

This album was done with tons of love and listening to the people and to the moment and I hope that you will enjoy the trip.

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On the 12th of November we are going to take the concept of playing the moment on stage. If you want to be part of the music we would love you to join us at BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) who gave us the stage to try our unconventional idea. We are very grateful for that. It might be amazing or a complete disaster. Either way – we are willing to take the risk as long as it comes from the heart.

For more info please visit our website

The last show of Political Mother

That’s it. Yesterday was the last show of Political Mother on tour. And what a fine way to end such a beautiful ride. A full house in the beautiful Theatro Municipal do Rio. Great show! Great audience! Great city! And yes – The Hofesh Shechter Company – a great company to work with! I have enjoyed a lot to circle the world a few times with a very nice and supportive bunch of people and now it is time to (kind of) say good-bye. Thanks everyone for being part of this. I love you all.

The rehearsals in Derry for the Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut performances in March are full on. Good times.

For more details about the shows:

I wanted to share a nice video that I just saw about the auditions for musicians that we did in Derry for the Political Mother Derry~Londonderry Uncut.

The performances are going to happen in  March and I am going to spend a lot of time in Derry this winter for the project. I am excited about it because there is a lot to learn about the place and the people, and it exciting to put the show up with the young musicians from the city.

I just came back from Derry after three very intensive and emotional days thanks to the Hofesh Shechter Company and LIFT. It was the first visit towards a big musical project that we are going to do there in the winter, and it feels like another challenging and inspiring adventure which I am very excited to be involved with.

I have met very nice people and had the pleasure to meet and listen to some great musicians.

I have heard so many things in the past about the big conflict in Ireland and probably coming from Israel makes a visit like this even a stronger experience. Hearing it on the news is not the same experience as it was being there, meeting the people face to face, and listen directly to their stories.

I was very interested to hear the stories behind the two main drums that are being used in Irish music. One of them is the Bodrhan. I have been using the “brothers” of this drum such as the Daf and Bendir but it was the first time for me to learn the stick technique from the local musicians. Here is Richard showing a nice groove on the Bodrhan:

And here are Helen Shute – the Executive Director of Hofesh, and Rebekah Allan – a great viola player (she actually plays the violin…) from the company having their first try ever on the Lambeg. It was the first time that I have heard about this beautiful and very noisy (!!!) drum. It is used with extremely tight heads and it has special curved sticks.

The project will happen in the beginning of 2013 and I am really looking forward to it.

Far Far East

Posted: February 29, 2012 in TOUR

A new and exotic tour is coming up this weekend as I am traveling with the Hofesh Shechter Company for 3 weeks to New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea to do both Political Mother and In Your Rooms.

It is going to be another one of those heavy jetleged tours but I’ll try to recover well and have a good time. It will be the first time for me in NZ which is very exciting, and it would be the 2nd visit to Taipei and Seoul in less than two years which is quite amazing as I never really thought I will be in these places…

I am ready for some spicy kimchi!!!

Berlin, Brighton and some relax…

Posted: January 24, 2012 in TOUR

The 25th of November was the last day of the previous tour with Hofesh and tomorrow, exactly two months later, we are back with the suitcases to do the Choreographer´s Cut of Political Mother in Berlin. If the level of excitement will be the same as the previous performances in Montpelier and London this is going to be a great fun. 24 musicians, 16 dancers on a massive stage – exciting!

Straight after Berlin we will be in Brighton with the tour version of Political Mother with James K who is rejoining us again.

I am also very excited about February – after this very crazy month it would be nice to hopefully have some time off and recharge the batteries.

Around the world in 18 days

Posted: October 3, 2011 in HSC, TOUR

Busy times lately between recordings, live shows and a lot of preparation for the future projects that happen in the next few month. But now it is time to go back on tour and this time it is just s short route… London – Singapore Melbourne L.A. – London

Around the world in 18 days. That´s what I call touring!