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The Walled City Tattoo adventure is now over.

It was a wild experience in a very wild weather. 

I was able to create Rusty Water thanks to everyone in the photo below. This group of people gave all their effort and time to make this happen. I thank every one of them for being patient, caring and fun throughout the whole period of work together. 

To see the VIDEO OF THE PERFORMANCE just click on the picture: 

Rusty Water cast - WCT 2014

Composed and directed by Yaron Engler 

Ship design by Phil Rudduck & his team 

Project Manager: Laura Broome 

Craig Hawthorne, Ronan McKee, Richard Campbell, Jonny Lynn, John Magowan, Michael Kielty, Gareth Johnston, Andrew Nethery, Sean Feeney, Ryan Watt, Michael Marechaux, Colin O’Connor, John Goodman, Adam McCourt

Castlefin Drummers:
Amy McBride, Tori Ohagn, Lauren Bryson, Kerrie McNulty, Andrew Heward, Jack Meenan, Jamie McNamee, Declan Bryson, Connor Healy, Gavin Friel

Thanks to 

James, Jonathan and Darren from The Walled City Tattoo 2014 for the space to create. 

Sinead McConnell from Castelfinn Youth Club 



Looking for drummers for a new adventure:
Walled City Tattoo 2-14 drummer audition

The NoOne idea is all about grooves that have no strong sound such as bass drum or snare on the first beat.

The idea of NoOne evolved naturally in various projects that I was involved with as a result of playing with other drummers and with sound tracks. Because the beat was already marked by another drummer and/or the track, I had space to explore and create grooves with a lot of freedom.

Naturally I started to invent grooves that had no strong sound on the first beat of the bar and that brought a fresh and exciting feel to the groove.

I am very excited to finally publish it and I hope that it would serve as a seed of creativity for other musicians to go and explore grooves in more unconventional ways.

Big thanks for Studio Scratches for the great platform to do that.




After They Left BAND HQ

I am very happy to finally share this project with the world.

After They Left is coming from the most simple, creative, honest and passionate place that I can find as an artist.

If you have free 50 minutes I recommend you to check the album out, with headphones and a glass of wine.

This album was done with tons of love and listening to the people and to the moment and I hope that you will enjoy the trip.

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On the 12th of November we are going to take the concept of playing the moment on stage. If you want to be part of the music we would love you to join us at BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) who gave us the stage to try our unconventional idea. We are very grateful for that. It might be amazing or a complete disaster. Either way – we are willing to take the risk as long as it comes from the heart.

For more info please visit our website

Threshold – The dance piece of the choreographer Joss Arnott with the crazy score of Mr James Keane is going to be on stage in the Arts Depot London next week.

Is the idea of 3 drummers on stage good or bad??

Here is a glimpse from the rehearsal studio:

Joss Arnott 3 Joss Arnott 2 Joss Arnott 1

The rehearsals in Derry for the Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut performances in March are full on. Good times.

For more details about the shows:

I wanted to share a nice video that I just saw about the auditions for musicians that we did in Derry for the Political Mother Derry~Londonderry Uncut.

The performances are going to happen in  March and I am going to spend a lot of time in Derry this winter for the project. I am excited about it because there is a lot to learn about the place and the people, and it exciting to put the show up with the young musicians from the city.

I just came back from Derry after three very intensive and emotional days thanks to the Hofesh Shechter Company and LIFT. It was the first visit towards a big musical project that we are going to do there in the winter, and it feels like another challenging and inspiring adventure which I am very excited to be involved with.

I have met very nice people and had the pleasure to meet and listen to some great musicians.

I have heard so many things in the past about the big conflict in Ireland and probably coming from Israel makes a visit like this even a stronger experience. Hearing it on the news is not the same experience as it was being there, meeting the people face to face, and listen directly to their stories.

I was very interested to hear the stories behind the two main drums that are being used in Irish music. One of them is the Bodrhan. I have been using the “brothers” of this drum such as the Daf and Bendir but it was the first time for me to learn the stick technique from the local musicians. Here is Richard showing a nice groove on the Bodrhan:

And here are Helen Shute – the Executive Director of Hofesh, and Rebekah Allan – a great viola player (she actually plays the violin…) from the company having their first try ever on the Lambeg. It was the first time that I have heard about this beautiful and very noisy (!!!) drum. It is used with extremely tight heads and it has special curved sticks.

The project will happen in the beginning of 2013 and I am really looking forward to it.

After a month of rehearsals things are starting to sound exciting! I´m making the most of what´s left of the Christmas holidays as next week we are finally on stage combining all the elements of the show (and there are many…) Exciting and scary at the same time… 

Show dates are 12 – 14 of January and there are still some tickets left. Not many though, so if you are interested here is the link:  Survivor

Here are some photos from the rehearsal period: 

 a moment of silence


My very sexy haircut that appears these days all over the London Underground


Enlightened musicians

Hofesh and I showing our skills on the cello

Dom demonstrates another way to play the drums

Moshik taking a spiritual rest

James Keane and Dom memorizing

200 Drummers Needed

Posted: October 14, 2011 in PROJECTS / REHEARSALS

Hi everyone.

We want to make some noise on stage and we are looking for 200 drummers who are interested to perform a short section in Survivor – the next production of the Hofesh Shechter Company  on the Barbican stage in London this coming January.

If you know anyone who has an intermediate level or more on drums and owns a drum that they can move with please pass them the following link: 200 drummers

I will soon post a video of the last production we did in the summer to give a better idea about what we are doing.

Thank you all!