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The NoOne idea is all about grooves that have no strong sound such as bass drum or snare on the first beat.

The idea of NoOne evolved naturally in various projects that I was involved with as a result of playing with other drummers and with sound tracks. Because the beat was already marked by another drummer and/or the track, I had space to explore and create grooves with a lot of freedom.

Naturally I started to invent grooves that had no strong sound on the first beat of the bar and that brought a fresh and exciting feel to the groove.

I am very excited to finally publish it and I hope that it would serve as a seed of creativity for other musicians to go and explore grooves in more unconventional ways.

Big thanks for Studio Scratches for the great platform to do that.



Hi Everyone.

It has been a bit mental in the last few weeks that included some serious jetlag travelling between Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany and France.  It was nice to be in new places, seeing some nature and meeting a lot of nice people on the way.

In this chunk of tour we got back to do some rhythm sessions in the dressing room before the shows. Good stuff. Andy brought an idea of a displacement of the clave, which I developed into 16 different versions of the Son clave by using all the 16th notes of a 4/4 bar as a starting point…. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Sounds a bit complicated but it ‘s not. It’s actually a really good rhythm exercise.

I was surprised to see how many displacements of the clave are actually being used in many types of music. At the same time some of the patterns sound completely different and new so there is a lot of interesting rhythms to explore here.

For a pdf version of the exercise click here: Son Clave Displacement

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Triplet Exercise

Posted: October 1, 2011 in EXERCISES

For a full PDF version of the exercises click here: NAUGHTY TRIPLETS

9 Stroke Roll Displacement

Posted: July 24, 2011 in EXERCISES, NOTATION

Hi everyone.

After a crazy month of very exciting performances I finally had time to write the exercise of the month. This time the exercise is a bit more challenging but it is a great workout on both technic and rhythm. I hope you will enjoy.


For a pdf version click here: 9 stroke roll displacement. For previous exercises click Here

New Rhythm Exercise

Posted: June 1, 2011 in EXERCISES, NOTATION

This is a new exercise which can be practiced on all instruments.

For a PDF version click here: Three 16th-Note Pattern Displacement with Accents

The Paracircle

Posted: May 1, 2011 in EXERCISES, NOTATION
The Paracircle – seven ways to play the Paradiddle

For a video of the exercise click here: Paracircle

For a large size chart click on the image below:

A new 5-stroke-roll exercise

Posted: April 11, 2011 in EXERCISES, NOTATION
Hi everyone!
The new post includes a group of exercises that is based on a displacement of 5-stroke-roll.