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Well… that was almost like running a marathon but we finally made it – 4 sold out shows in the Barbican and some very good time on stage with many (!!!) great people.

I would like to say a very big thanks to Hofesh and Antony for the confidence and the space that I was given, and for allowing me to be myself on stage. It was a true pleasure.

In the photo below you can read a very nice review about the show. Just click on the image below:


Yesterday was the premier of Political Mother Choreographer´s Cut in Montpellier, France. It was a seriously crazy evening to be part of, and a massive pleasure to take part in such a large group of people who make a massive effort for the same cause.

I finished the evening very emotional and it didn’t really change this morning, so I just wanted  to say a big thanks to everyone who was involved in this crazy production.  In no particular order:

Thank you technicians for bringing this monstrous set into life and for making it look and sound so beautiful and huge.

Thank you dancers! You continue to be such a massive inspiration. Being with you guys on and off stage is a pure pleasure.  You deserve absolutely every hand clap for all the sweat and the pain.

Thank you the electric guitars department for gluing things up and bringing the rocky juice to stage. Rock&Roll!

Thanks to all the guys in the office who deal with so many things that we on stage don’t even think about.  Your work might seem grey but I can promise you that it brings so much color into so many people´s lives.

Thanks for all the strings players for bringing the pure and beautiful voice into such a beasty piece. Your patience and super positive attitude during the last very long and sweaty days was super important.

Thank you drummers for your patience and flexibility. It was a wild ride and I am absolutely thankful for your massive effort of memorizing so much stuff in such a short time!

Thanks to the huge and noisy audience that came to see the show yesterday with such a good energy. I really hope that you enjoyed the show because I can promise you that you made us on stage enjoy it BIG TIME!!!

And thank you Hofesh. I know that you didn’t really understand what happened yesterday (time to get back into shape, ha?!) but I can promise you that it was BIG! You are a genius. I love you very very much!

A few more days it will all happen again in London. I can´t wait!!