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The NoOne idea is all about grooves that have no strong sound such as bass drum or snare on the first beat.

The idea of NoOne evolved naturally in various projects that I was involved with as a result of playing with other drummers and with sound tracks. Because the beat was already marked by another drummer and/or the track, I had space to explore and create grooves with a lot of freedom.

Naturally I started to invent grooves that had no strong sound on the first beat of the bar and that brought a fresh and exciting feel to the groove.

I am very excited to finally publish it and I hope that it would serve as a seed of creativity for other musicians to go and explore grooves in more unconventional ways.

Big thanks for Studio Scratches for the great platform to do that.



The rehearsals in Derry for the Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut performances in March are full on. Good times.

For more details about the shows:

TEDx Talk online

Posted: October 23, 2012 in CLASSES / WORKSHOPS / CLINICS

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We are very used to play in 4/4 and 3/4 times and their realtives such as 6/8, 12/8 and 2/4. In a three hour workshop yesterday we explored some less familiar time signatures and focused especially on 7/8 and 7/4.

The guys I was working with were the great gang from the Hofesh Shechter Company. It was probably the first time for most of them to deal with 7 pulses in a bar and they did great. Of course sometimes people felt a bit lost, but most of the time we were sitting nicely on the beat and some cool grooves were happening.

Good fun.

While being on the tour with Hofesh I have been doing several drumming workshops. The last one was 3 weeks ago in L.A. in front of 500 UCLA students as part of our performances in Royce Hall. That was a great experience having to improvise for two hours and have so many people take part in a creative process of making music. Pure pleasure.

The video above is a news report about a small workshop in YCAM Japan last year. It was a challenging experience and a good fun working with the language barrier and create a short percussion piece with people with different level of experience and a completely different mentality. The week in Yamaguchi was definitely one of the best tour weeks in the last few years and I would love to go back there.

You have some more photos and exercises on the web so feel free to explore.

Good day!