Music & Videos


To listen click on the song´s name:

AFTER THEY LEFT (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Composition) 

HOLD BACK THE WATER – Kindle Trails  (Drums, Vocals)

YESTERDAY’S NEWS – Kindle Trails  (Drums, Vocals)

YOU’RE SOMEONE – Kindle Trails  (Drums, Vocals)

ANOTHER LIFE – Yoni Embar (from Lanua) (Drums)

WHERE WOULD YOU GO – Yoni Embar (from Lanua) (Percussion, Vocals)

IT´S ALL OVER – Yoni Embar (from Lanua) (Percussion, Vocals)

TUKÁDAMA – Yaron Engler (Percussion)

THE FIFI SONG – Yaron Engler (Vocals, Percussion, Programming)

EPIC – Yaron Engler (Vocals, Percussion, Programming)


TED X JAFFA –  TED Talk (Jaffa, Israel) 2012 (Speaker) 

RUSTY WATER –  the opening piece for the Walled City Tattoo 2014 (Composer & Director)

POLITICAL MOTHER –  Hofesh Shechter Company (Drums, Musical Director, Music Collaborator)

THE TELEGRAPH – Political Mother Choreographer’s (HSC) Cut review (Drums, Musical Director, Music Collaborator)

POLITICAL MOTHER DERRY LONDONDERRY UNCUT (Drums, Musical Director, Music Collaborator)

NEWS REVIEW – HSC Workshop (Yamaguchi, Japan) 2010 (Workshops)

JAM SESSION in the Jamboree (Barcelona, Spain) 2008 (Drums)

TAP JAM SESSION in Luz De Gas with Sharon Lavi (Barcelona, Spain) 2008 (Drums)

DRUMA from the show BoomBach of Tapeplas (Barcelona, Spain) 2007 (Composition and drums)

SOLO FROM BOOMBACH of Tapeplas (Barcelona, Spain) 2007 (Drums)
  1. Yaron Semiat says:

    Fantastic !!! Great website and amazing projects. Can’t wait to see you on a show. I am really glad to discover all of this !

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