Rusty Water – The Walled City Tattoo 2014

Posted: September 4, 2014 in PERFORMANCES, PROJECTS / REHEARSALS

The Walled City Tattoo adventure is now over.

It was a wild experience in a very wild weather. 

I was able to create Rusty Water thanks to everyone in the photo below. This group of people gave all their effort and time to make this happen. I thank every one of them for being patient, caring and fun throughout the whole period of work together. 

To see the VIDEO OF THE PERFORMANCE just click on the picture: 

Rusty Water cast - WCT 2014

Composed and directed by Yaron Engler 

Ship design by Phil Rudduck & his team 

Project Manager: Laura Broome 

Craig Hawthorne, Ronan McKee, Richard Campbell, Jonny Lynn, John Magowan, Michael Kielty, Gareth Johnston, Andrew Nethery, Sean Feeney, Ryan Watt, Michael Marechaux, Colin O’Connor, John Goodman, Adam McCourt

Castlefin Drummers:
Amy McBride, Tori Ohagn, Lauren Bryson, Kerrie McNulty, Andrew Heward, Jack Meenan, Jamie McNamee, Declan Bryson, Connor Healy, Gavin Friel

Thanks to 

James, Jonathan and Darren from The Walled City Tattoo 2014 for the space to create. 

Sinead McConnell from Castelfinn Youth Club 


  1. Jonny Lynn says:

    Something to be proud of man! Hope to get working with you again in the future my friend.

  2. THE HEARTS says:

    Loved the utube clip of ‘rusty waters’. Chapeau Matey.

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